Loretta Bayliss is a Mum, CEO, hiker, (relatively new) runner, occasional road and MTB cyclist and general outdoor adventurer. She is also an avid, avid Act for Kids fan.

Loretta has travelled extensively through Australia, Africa, Europe, the United States and South America. She was fortunate to work abroad, spend idyllic summers camping and climbing throughout the French Alps, and to have taken on some of South America’s most notorious and exhilarating physical challenges.

Loretta founded the Prescience Group in 2005 while on maternity leave after her first child. The company now employs 52 people, and operates in five Australian capital cities, as well as Singapore. However, Loretta considers her greatest achievement to have been managing a second (twin!) pregnancy and the birth of healthy, happy (and very noisy) identical twin boys, while being Mum to a 6 year old girl, and running a growing company.

Prior to founding the Prescience Group, Loretta held a senior role with an international consulting organisation, and was recognised as a successful leader of complex, corporation-wide IT Projects. These projects allowed her to develop her unique mix of commercial and technical knowledge and her adroit stakeholder relationship management skills.

During her career in the traditionally male dominated IT, mining, resources and construction industries, Loretta has demonstrated an ability to inspire, motivate, grow and manage energised, focused and highly performing teams. She enjoys solving problems - from the fun of her kids’ worlds through to some of the more complex scenarios she sees in her work environment.

She is proof that hard work, perseverance, resilience, creativity and humour are key ingredients to successfully navigating the ever-changing, artistic and scientific juggling act that is the reality of most women’s worlds these days.